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Dianne Panarelli Miller

Welcome to Dianne Panarelli Miller Fine Art"> 

 Dianne Panarelli Miller is a world reknown artist painting in Bermuda, France and Italy. She is an award winning Boston-based "Plein Air Painter" of color and light and is a signature member of the New England Plein Air Painters and is a "Copley Master". Her approach combines the classic atelier training of the "Boston School", with a mastery of technique of her own personal style expressed through the harmony of color and design. The original Boston School way of painting seeks to combine the truth of impressionist color with good drawing, sound composition and skillful paint handling. It's leading exponents included Edmund Tarbell, Frank Benson, William Paxton, Joseph Decamp, Philip Hale, R.H. Ives Gammell. Gammell was a turn of the century Boston Museum School pupil of the first three men and later consulted with Paxton. Robert Douglas Hunter and Robert Cormier (with whom Miller studied ) were students of Gammell. David Lowery and Robert Moore, also students of Gammell rounded off her studies.

Enter her website to see her versatile style which allows her to capture her subjects with sensitivity and detail. Her work can be seen all over the country.

Dianne is frequently hired to paint live at weddings and events.

Go to the events page and see what Dianne is up to including shows, demos and classes.
She is frequently requested and available to judge art shows.

Collectors say:
"It is such a joy to have Dianne's paintings in my home. Her enthusiasm and love of nature are so well expressed in her colorful landscapes and her portraits radiate the spirit of life. Her work draws me in to her positive world and enhances mine."
Sandra Pollock

"Dianne's paintings have a "sense of place" that few artists achieve. With a few simple strokes Dianne created a snow covered pine that makes me long for winter whenever I look at it. "
Bill Pollock
Dealers Say:
Dianne's paintings have a freshness and spontaneity that can be achieved only by painting "en plein eir" (outdoors, from life). Her Boston School training is immediately apparent in her wonderful drawing ability and in her clear compositions. Every picture has "unity of effect" as Boston Master Robert Douglas Hunter calls it. The viewer can at once get a single, clear sense of her goal, even though the painting may contain a number of passages. And, of course, her accurate depiction of the natural effects of light, through the use of color, is what separates her paintings from so many others. Dianne's Boston roots also play a definitive role in her Boston scenes. She is able to capture the atmosphere and the essence of the city, even on an 8" x 10" canvas. Her love for her work shows in every piece.
Bob Totaro, J Todd Gallery owner in Wellesley, Ma
Some Artists Say:
"Even as far back as art school in Boston I remember being in awe of Dianne's work. Everything she did was impressive and she would make it look so easy. Today, nothing has changed, her landscapes, portraits and studio work captures a real sense of time and place. Her confidence in both her medium and subject comes across effortlessly and showcases her true talents. I look forward to following her efforts for many years to come."
Brian Blood, Master Plein Air Painter, CA

Dianne is a master painter who's love and excitement for painting not only shines through in her stunning work, but in the lives she touches. Her unending drive to share her passion is astounding. I owe Dianne a debt of gratitude for her selflessness that led me on my own path.
Carol Arnold, Putney Painter, MA

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